Topical Sun Products Explained

Topical Sun Products Explained

Topical sun care products flood the market. Navigating which approach is best for your skin and lifestyle can be quite confusing.

Not to worry! As an expert in all things skin, De La Terre Skincare explains the three topical sun care products on the market and how they work. We will let you decide!


Physical sunblock lay on top of the skin and when the sun rays hits your skin it essentially bounces off. There is no penetration of UV Rays, respectfully. This means your skin will not go through Vitamin Dproduction, which we all know by now is essential for the immune system and strengthening bones and muscles.

For skin in particular, Vitamin D regulates many physiological processes ranging from cellular proliferation, to maintaining harmful bacteria, to reducing inflammation. So you need it!

De La Terre Skincare believes there are times when it is necessary to use a physical sunblock, such as when you are going to be in direct sun for an extended period of time.

Please Note: Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are naturally occurring minerals, however De La Terre Skincare's research and sourcing has not led us to these minerals in a pure and organic compound. Therefore the company does not offer a Physical Block.



Chemical sunblocks/ sunscreens absorb into the skin and then capture UV rays. The captured UV ray is contained within the chemical sunblock/ sunscreen molecule.

While it is being held captive, the UV Rays convert into heat. This heat eventually causes the chemical molecule to implode, releasing highly destructive particles throughout the skin layers.

Healthy skin cells are compromised causing high levels of inflammation and oxidative stress that leads to skin cancer, breakdown to collagen, and the abnormal distribution of melanin.

Chemical Sunblocks and sunscreens were a really bad idea from the beginning. What was supposed to help prevent skin cancer and aging to the skin has had the reverse effect. UGH!

De La Terre Skincare's position on chemical sunblocks and sunscreen is to avoid them at all cost.



Formulated by De La Terre Skincare

In this whole conversation about skin and the sun, did anyone stop to think that maybe we should stop blocking and screening the sun and maybe, just maybe, find a way to absorb the sun, while drawing upon its many health benefits. De La Terre Skincare did!

So how does this golden plant based serum work? When Sun Diffuser is applied to the skin, it doesn't lie on the surface, but rather permeates the surface absorbing deep within the organs layers.

When UV Rays penetrate the skin, Sun Diffuser disperses sun's rays into smaller light particles, which diffuses UV rays heat, thereby preventing destruction to healthy skin cells.

In addition, Sun Diffuser's botanical allies prompt the production of glutathione (a naturally occurring antioxidant), which protects skin cells from oxidative stress. So if skin cells were faced with any harmful effects of sun's rays, the skin cells ability to defend themselves from harm would be enhanced.

What about vitamin D? Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin and is processed by the skin through the universal presence of lipids. It therefore needs to be paired with fat in order to be properly distributed in, and absorbed by, the body.

The beauty of Sun Diffuser is it enhances the skin's ability to produce Vitamin D, because of the high lipid content found in the serum. Rose Hips and Red Raspberry oils contain a wealth of essential fatty acids, including Linoleic and Linolenic acid, Palmitic acid, Stearic acid, and Oleic acid. Amazing!

If that wasn't enough Sun Diffuser holds a high ratio of collagen sparing botanicals, such as calendula. So, if you are worried about skin stability and wrinkles, Sun Diffuser will help offset structural loss, leaving skin constantly in repair mode.

Still have questions??