Skin Vulnerabilities | What I am asked all the time

Skin Vulnerabilities | What I am asked all the time

I am asked all the time about a variety of skin vulnerabilities. I know from personal experience that it is hard not to focus on blemishes, brown spots, skin rashes, or inflammation flare ups because these conditions are uncomfortable and sometimes painful. You really can't escape being aware of them because they are always radiating a sensation or as I like to say, "a call for help". 

Your initial instinct is to throw any and everything on the skin because "let's face it" no one wants to suffer or feel pain. However, vulnerabilities are an opportunity to open the door to nature. 

Here is my advice for when your skin is calling for help. Instead of applying everything but the bathroom sink, turn to transdermal therapy. 

Transdermal therapy is something I have been teaching clients for years and it is achieved through the topical application of infused herbs or dissolved mineral salts. Transdermal therapy may seem at first mysterious and new, but it’s based on both age-old principles and cutting-edge science. If practiced, it can not only be highly effective for sustaining your skin when it is calling for help, but also provides the ability for the body to calm down and regroup. 

When the skin is demonstrating elevated activity, like we see in the conditions mentioned above, we know the skin is working really hard in an effort to recover. Therefore, it is particularly important not to use strong topicals, but rather to use more subtle remedies like transdermal therapy. Transdermal therapy is also an excellent choice for the many people who suffer with low tolerance to strong topicals.

Transdermal therapy is a powerful tool in the battle against skin nutritional deficiencies, which can be a contributing factor for skin's inability to heal.

Benefits reported by those who use transdermal therapy relate specifically to its direct absorption into the skin cells.

For those seeking a safe and gentle method of delivering the health benefits of herbs and mineral rich salt to the skin I suggest you try transdermal therapy using an Herb Rich Tea blend or Mineral Rich Salts or a combination of both.