Science behind nature

Science Behind Nature

There is art, science, chemistry, and the correct extraction methods that allow for nature’s elements to have a real effect on the biological processes in your skin.

I have been developing this approach over the course of twenty years and I am extremely passionate about engaging in each phase.  It is quite rewarding to create a finished product that provides the healthiest, cleanest, and most effective skin care topical.

To fully understand the value of my approach I want to provide you with insight into the steps I take to achieve this.  Let’s start with the first stage of development which is the more artistic side of what I do. Developing an intangible - subtle experience that occurs when De La Terre Skincare products come in contact with the skin is the most creative aspect of being a natural skin care product formulator.  I want the botanical actives I choose to immediately feel at one with the skin allowing the skin to identify with nature’s healing powers.  I can assure you this does not happen with a synthetic replica of a botanical. In addition, the choices I make involve ensuring the product I am formulating has a texture that feels wonderful on the skin and an aroma that enhances the therapeutic action of the finished product.

The science aspect of what I do focuses on the therapeutic action the product has on the skin.  The question that is always at the forefront when I am considering the medicinal properties of a plant is, ‘where lies the dysfunction in the skin and how will the skin respond to the remedy?’

There is also intuition that is developed from experience as a clinical skin therapist.

Knowing skin, the way I do and how it responds is key to knowing what formula will be effective. This is where I have an advantage over other skin care companies.  No one knows skin’s inner workings like I do.  I have over four decades of clinical practice that includes trauma care, skin rehabilitation, and natural therapies. When you put my knowledge of skin together with my training in herbal therapeutics and green technology formulation, the result is a highly effective topical.

The chemistry portion includes the right potency. This points to choosing the right herbs, the right proportions, and the right dosing. Next, it is essential to know the plant species and its chemical classification. To function and survive in nature, plants produce a wide array of chemical compounds not found in other organisms. It all begins with identifying the plant, then the species of that plant, then finding compounds according to their chemical classification within that species. Chemical compositions are determined by a number of factors:

  • plant species or varieties
  • climatic conditions
  • growth method and conditions
  • harvesting, transport, storage
  • extract preparation techniques

As you can see a lot goes into developing a skincare product that fully represents the natural world. 

De La Terre Skincare’s extraction techniques are a determining factor in the effectiveness of how our products will change the health of your skin. Take for example whether or not the constituents or nutrients of the plants are more bioavailable to the skin when moderately heat activated, or are they denatured at higher temperatures. Another consideration is that some plants have an affinity to water while others to alcohol, or Co2, or cold pressing.  This criterion is not followed by cosmetic manufacturers that produce botanical ingredients.  What’s more, cosmetic companies that claim they use natural botanicals in their formulas may use chemically engineered solutions such propylene glycol and butylene glycol for extraction purposes, which completely denatures the nature in nature. I always say if the product is clear, it’s not real.

There are dangers to continues human exposure to propylene glycol and butylene glycol:

  1. Contact can irritate the skin and eyes
  2. Propylene Glycol can cause nausea and vomiting
  3. Exposure can cause headache, dizziness, lightheadedness, and passing out
  4. Inflammation, swelling, bumps, or hives
  5. Skin discoloration
  6. Itching or stinging
  7. Bumps or hives

De La Terre Skincare begins the process with organic and or wildcrafted plants along with the appropriate extraction techniques using the methods described above. This approach retains the integrity of the chemical constituents of the plant.  The material is macerated and strained and then blended with other plant solutions. This is why you may notice sediment from the plant settling at the bottom of the bottle.  It’s only Natural!

Furthermore, it's important to understand that when chemical compounds of plants are extracted properly and formulated into a bioavailable topical it will transmit messages via neurotransmitters to skin cells. Yes, plant communication is a real thing and I take it very seriously.  Chemical signals released by plants can interact with skin’s intercellular communication.  Whether the cells need to engage in repair, disarm inflammation, or disperse defense mechanisms in order to keep your skin safe, volatile organic compounds from plants will direct the cells in these processes.

Lastly is the dosing. Determining the correct ratio of herb to be used during extraction is essential to achieving the right potency of the finished solution. Then I must be sure that each formula must carry the right ratio of each solution added to the batch. This ensures the skin will adjust at a rate that is appropriate for recovery.

Dosing then translates to how much of the product the client should use in order to get a favorable skin response. This includes how much product, how often and what time of day the product should be applied. 

De La Terre Skincare believes in meeting the client where they are with their skin care needs and then discussing the steps that will help them achieve healthy skin. For me this is critical. A client will need to be onboard and compliant with the recommendations made in order to achieve the desirable effect on the skin. When this occurs, the skin will remain safe and radiate with health!