Baby & Me Connection

Baby & Me Connection

Baby and Me Connection
Tips for expecting Mother's, Parents, and Baby

Authored by Anne C. Willis 

As every parent knows babies love to be cuddled and held. But new evidence suggests that being in skin-to-skin contact with a parent does more than just make the baby happy.

Nils Bergman, a Swedish specialist in perinatal neuroscience and a promoter of skin-to-skin contact between a mother and newborn explains that: “A newborn’s brain development depends on positive sensory stimulation.

 At birth, the sensations that tell the brain ‘I am safe’ are: smells, movements and skin-to-skin contact.  When the brain does not get those sensations, it says, ‘I am not safe,’ and then it goes into self-defense. Breathing, eating, and digesting can be disrupted, while brain development slows.”

And so, what better way than for a parent to apply to their babies the same De La Terre Skincare products they are using in their daily care.  Making mother and baby comfortable is essential. So, we want to reduce skin symptoms that could cause discomfort.

These protocols will help to solve breastfeeding problems, prevent newborn difficulties, reduce pain, stabilize premature babies and set the stage for optimal brain development. That’s pretty impressive!

De La Terre Skincare has developed several effective products and applications that give positive sensory stimulation that encourages Skin-to-Skin contact and therefore supports the Baby and Me connection.

Using toxin free products is of course the smartest way to encourage an infant’s healthy development and ensures overall wellbeing for both.


The Mother’s Abdomen has to grow to accommodate the developing baby. This stretch can feel really uncomfortable.  And of course, there are concerns for stretch marks.  De La Terre Skincare has the perfect solution. …Herb Rich Balm. This product is the 911 for almost every skin symptom that occurs at any stage during the pregnancy.

De La Terre Skincare suggest applying a thin veil over the abdomen during pregnancy to make the skin feel more comfortable and to reduce the occurrence of stretch marks.

          1. For tender breast De La Terre Skincare suggest applying hydro-therapy on                breast with Comforts Herb Rich Tea. This will reduce – breast tenderness                  and swelling.  Hydrotherapy can be followed with Comforts |Herb Rich
              Mist & a thin veil of Herb Rich Balm 


The baby will already be accustomed to the aroma of De La Terre Skincare, which reinforces the whole positive sensory association.

To reinforce Skin to Skin connection, having the parent bath with De La Terre Skincare Comforts Tea, while also bathing the baby, supports the skin-on-skin connection and teaches the baby the importance of self-care. 

For your convenience DLTS offers: Specialized pregnancy kits includes:

Comforts Health & Wellness Tea
Comforts Herb Rich mist
Herb Rich Balm


  • Baby’s buttock due to diaper rash or irritation
  • Cradle Cap
  • Baby’s mouth for thrush due to nursing
  • Teething & gemstones
  • Little pimples the baby can develop on the skin – face, arms, chest
  • Mother’s nipple during nursing


Comforts: Herb Rich Tea

  1. AROMA- The aroma of the tea creates and association between parent and child and offers a positive sensory stimulation
  2. SELF CARE– By bathing the child in Comforts | Herb Rich Tea the parent can cultivate self-care while developing the baby’s association with self-love and self-nurturing.
  3. If the parent experiences anxiety and discomfort the baby senses this, so the Comforts Tea is a wonderful way to reduce anxiety and bring on a sense of wellbeing

Comforts: Herb Rich Mist

  1. Reduces anxiety and skin inflammation.  Comforts Mist will also reduce anxiety and calm the baby.

Herb Rich Balm

  1. Baby’s buttock due to diaper rash or irritation
  2. Baby’s mouth for thrush due to nursing
  3. Mother’s nipple during nursing
  4. Mother’s abdomen during pregnancy

Comforts Herb Rich Clay

If the mother or parent experiences hormonal breakout De La Terre skincare recommends Herb Rich Cleanser and Comforts Herb Rich Clay applied directly to blemishes. This mixture will help to flush out inflammation and reduce swelling and tenderness.


So, as you can see DLTS has many solutions that support a parent and their baby.

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