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Clinical Consultation

Nature's Vision for You!

1 Hour Session

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If you are not able to realize a level of anticipated wellness because you are running into challenges that prevent you from achieving your ultimate goal, then a Clinical Consultation can help guide you. Be inspired to know your body while proving to yourself that you can feel well.

Our expert consultant will meet with you through live video conferencing, where she will support you in the area of self-discovery, behavioral lifestyle, and commitment to the implementation of solutions. The goal is to increase confidence in exercising a healthy lifestyle, improve personal self-care skills, and foster a better relationship with the self through understanding what disrupts nature within.


We use the video conference site Go To Meeting to host our online clinic. Never used it? Don’t worry, it’s easy and free! When you book your appointment, you will receive an email that will include a link that connects you to the date-and-time of the online clinic session. Just create a Go To Meeting