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Sun Diffuser

Sun Diffuser

 The one thing we know for sure is that we need the health benefits of the sun.
Research conducted by John Hopkins established that by boosting skin's nutritional levels and prompting our skin's natural defense, reduces the risk of inflammation, which can lead to long term skin damage.

Allowing for proper absorption of sunlight while impeding inflammation induced damage to skin cells, is the key to Sun Diffuser.

This unique formula incorporates natural ingredients and clean actives that are professionally-proven to  support your skin’s natural defense from UV induced  inflammation that can lead to abnormal pigmentation, wrinkles, and slack skin structure.

Sun Diffuser is a highly effective treatment serum that is suggested for hyperpigmentation and sun damaged skin.

  • Produces network of protective enzymes that defend cells against UV damage
  • Reduces UV induced inflammation
  • Diffuses harmful UV rays allowing the skin to synthesize vitamin D while reducing long-term damage
  • Inhibits disturbance to melanin production that can lead to hyper-pigmentation
  • Strengthens and supports capillaries thereby reducing damage, which is associated with oxidative stress
  • Ideal for individuals who have sun allergies or are allergic to sun blocks
  • This products have been approved by medical facilities for oncology patients undergoing surgery and radiation therapy

Direction for Use:

For facial care apply 1/2 -1 pumps of Sun Diffuser after cleansing the skin. If the skin needs additional moisture apply an additional De La Terre Skincare Skin Condition product directly over Sun Diffuser.

FAQ & Tips:

De La Terre Skincare does not believe in blocking the sun. We need the health benefits it provides.  But what we must do is prevent inflammation that causes damage to the skin.  So your goal is to prevent the skin from becoming inflamed or red when in the sun.

This is achieved 3 ways.

  1. Diffuse the UV rays so it does not target the skin in a concentrated delivery system.
  2. Next you want to boost Vitamin B and D in the skin, which both impedes inflammation. When we are deficient in these two nutrients, we are more likely to become inflamed.
  3. Skin cells need to be able to defend from free radical damage and that is achieved by boosting glutathione.  

    Sun Diffuser is a treatment serum that allows for proper absorption of sunlight while boosting its ability to defend from inflammatory damage.  Apply a thin veil of product. The amount applied does not affect the amount of defense you receive. Just make sure it is applied evenly.

  • For skins that easily burn in the sun, reapply frequently.
  • To experience the best results, apply daily in order to build natural defense
  • If exposed to sun long term; i.e., beach, golf, swimming, the product should be reapplied as needed. You should never sit directly in the sun during peak hours, which is 11AM -3PM. Protective clothing is always recommended during these types of outdoor activities in conjunction with Sun Diffuser.
  • This product is designed to build natural defense within your skin system. This natural defense guards against damage caused by UVA and UVB sunrays, while allowing for Vitamin D Synthesis.

Available Offering: 2 oz. - $50.00


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