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Herb Rich Serum - Rescues Wounded Skin

Herb Rich Serum - Rescues Wounded Skin - IngredientsRescues Herb Rich Serum repairs and renews skin health that been altered due to age, over exposure to the environment, injury, skin cancer, surgery, or neglect.

This exceptional fusion of seed oils and essential nutrients allows tired, lethargic skin to recover with a vibrancy of health, enhanced function, and appearance.


  • Improves uneven skin tone and texture caused by age and environmental exposure 
  • Aids in strengthening resistance to cellular stress and damage
  • Reduces skin changes due to actinic keritosis and prompts cells to defend naturally from oxidative stress which can lead to skin cancers
  • Accelerates skin healing after injury or surgery
  • This products have been approved by medical facilities for oncology patients undergoing surgery and radiation therapy
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