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Clinic & Spa

De La Terre Skincare Clinic & Spa represents the most celebrated skin therapies in health & wellness. Whether you want to maintain a high-level of wellness, or just need to recharge, De La Terre Skincare’s Holistic Clinic & Spa allows you access to therapies that will help you regroup and rethink how to achieve healthy skin.

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30 minutes $65
60 minutes $115
75 minutes $150

Sessions include one or more
Wellness Experiences or Wellness Therapies
The De La Terre Skincare specialist will coordinate the session based
on the client's current wellness needs.

Wellness Therapies

  • Skin Wellness 101
  • Tea Therapy
  • Inhalation Therapy
De La Terre Skin Care Clinic & Spa

Wellness Experiences

  • Facial Skin Therapy
  • Abdominal Therapy
  • Foot & Leg Therapy
  • Body Care Skin Therapy
  • Gemstone Therapy
  • Oncology Skin Therapy

Wellness Programs

  • Immune Support
  • Restorative Cleanse
  • Health Enhancement
  • Optimal Detox
  • Essential Healer
  • Abdominal Relief
  • Foot & Leg Essential

Wellness Programs are for clients who crave vibrant health
Each program includes 5 - 60 minute sessions as well as a Specialized Product Kit

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