Seasonal Transition

Just like the seasons cycle, our health is not a fixed state. When there are changes in nature, it’s important that we adjust to the natural rhythm and flow "of the earth".

The end of summer, during the months of August and September, when it is not quite fall yet, there is a definite change in the air.  In Traditional Chinese medicine this season is called Late Summer.  When we are moving back into some sort of a routine after the freedom of summer, it is a time to slow down, nourish and take good care of mind, body, and skin.  

The days here in the Appalachian Mountains are starting to cool down with temps still reaching into the 80’s during the day, but waking to much cooler mornings.  I am reminded of the extreme contrast of Summer and Late Summer as I make time in the evenings to relax with a cup of tea on the patio; enjoying the remaining warmth of the summer evenings while they last.

The characteristics of Late Summer are those that embody the Mother: grounding, caring and nourishing. When our circadian rhythm is strong and fluid, we are able to take good care of others and ourselves. Our thoughts are clear and we have the capacity to create a peaceful atmosphere in both our inner and outer world.  

Each season specific organ systems reflect the subtle changes arising as we transition.  Colds and allergies, digestive disturbances, skin break out and rashes, and mental imbalances are basically telling us how to eat, what the skin needs topically, and what our mental health requires to be in the peaceful atmosphere of Late Summer.

The organ systems related to Late Summer are the Spleen and the Stomach. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Spleen is considered the primary organ of digestion, because the Spleen rules transformation and transportation of nutrients: it extracts the essence from the food we ingest and transforms it into vital energy that will nourish our bodies.

Traditional Chinese Medicine, also suggests that the Spleen governs the movement of blood by keeping it flowing in its proper pathways in the blood vessels. Stagnant blood can possibly lead to the following symptoms:

  • Darker complexion or darker areas, for example dark circles under the eyes
  • Pain that is fixed or stabbing in quality and worse with pressure
  • Painful or irregular periods, abdominal pain, clots in the menstrual blood
  • Chest pain or pressure, heart palpitations. Upper abdominal pain
  • Swelling, pain, and/or stiffness to the arms, hands, legs, or feet.
  • Dehydration


Other systems in the body are also affected by late summer, such as muscle tone and strength. Moreover, it regulates the moisture under our skin.   Muscle aches and other muscle-related issues, indigestion and difficulty with fluid balance require special attention in the late summer months.

The other organ to pay attention to is the Stomach.  It is like a cauldron in which food is received and then broken down in to rich nourishment.

Our Spleen and Stomach health (both physical and energetic) is mostly influenced by the food we eat. It is therefore important that our nourishment is rich in nature and low in artificial additives; fresh fruit and vegetables, high quality organic grains, and protein that comes from a sustainable source. Right now, the gardens in the Appalachians are teaming with an abundance of specific fresh fruits and vegetables that communicate what we need to keep these organ systems supported. 

 It may be time to incorporate some of the following fruits and vegetables into your diet during the Late Summer months.

  • Tomatoes smooth your digestion and help detoxify your body
  • Okra keeps your digestive system in great shape and lubricates the large intestine
  • Peaches contributes to healthy digestion and stabilizes blood sugar and keeps cholesterol levels in check
  • Peppers opens blood vessels and assist in moving blood
  • Corn is an insoluble fiber and therefore helps food pass through the stomach and large intestines more efficiently
  • Figs help to stimulate the functioning of muscles and nerves, while maintaining the balance of electrolyte. Figs also assist with blood movement.
  • Cauliflower strengthens the spleen, tonifies blood, and lubricates the intestines
  • Grapes are an insoluble fiber thus helping to regulate bowel movement. They also balance fluids in your body



In addition, Late Summer calls for specialized care to your skin. Skin cells risk being sluggish, dry, and dehydrated. From the hot sunny days of summer skin also is begging to be repaired.

You may begin to notice such skin symptoms such as blemishes, flareup with Psoriasis, eczema, and rosacea.  Pores may appear larger and skin may take on a rough texture.  Darker circles under the eyes as well as puffiness if another transitional indicator.



De La Terre skincare takes seasonal changes as opportunities to better our skin’s health and prevent minor upsets that leave skin weak.

A few simple changes to your skin care application will make a late summer transition towards skin health easy without changing your entire skin care routine.

Here are De La Terre Skincare’s three product recommendation that will allow your skin to keep the peace during August and September.  

Rescues | Herb Rich Tea as a beverage has an enjoyable green, amber, earthy flavor. The unique blend of herbs naturally supports blood movement, relaxes muscles and regulates digestion.  We recommend drinking two cups a day, preferably when you take the time to slow down and channel all things Motherly.  

Rescues | Herb Rich Mist has so many health benefits from nature its honestly endless. Breathing Rescues mist will relieve bronchial airways of spasms and mucus and tame coughing due to both. Topically, the fine mist is absorbed by the skin and immediately begins to repair skin cell while restoring moisture under the skin.

Herb Rich Balm as an eye treatment is highly beneficial for dark circles and puffiness caused during the Late Summer transition. Apply a small amount above the eyebrow and then tap outward towards the temple and then along the upper check bones towards the nose. Because Herb Rich Balm has an oil base it will travel on the skin. This means placement is critical. If you put it directly on the eye or directly under the eyelashes it will end up inside your eyes.

Nature is full of transitions.  Late Summer invites you to reinforce your body and skin vitality through the best paired foods, mindful relaxation, and De La Terre Skincare products.  

By taking the time to acknowledge the shifts that occur inside and outside the body during each seasonal change, you can become closer to nature’s lessons for obtaining a healthy lifestyle.