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Spring Cleanse

"During my travels to Asia I was fortunate enough to experience a " Nature Cure" approach to detoxification and cleansing. The body and the skin naturally cleanses it's self twice a year, once in the Spring and in the Fall. Engaging in a dietary cleanse takes commitment, but is a sure way to support health & wellness. The following suggested cleanse should be followed for a minimum of 10 day to 6 weeks. If you are currently on medication or have health issues, please seek medical advice from a Naturopathic physician before engaging in this or any deitary cleanse. If you would like support while going through this cleanse, please call the De La Terre Skincare corporate office. I would personally like to answer any questions you may have.
Cheers to Health & Wellness.", Anne C. Willis, CEO

Say NO To:

Coffee/ caffeine
Flesh - meat- chicken- fish

Eat the following foods:

Fresh or stewed fruits
You can embellish with coconut, seeds or nuts for protein

Stir fry

For Protein

Brown rice and beans
Egg 1-2 x a week if you feel you need additional protein

3-4 cups of De La Terre Skincare - Purifies Health & Wellness Tea and water

So eat fruit for breakfast with nuts, seeds and coconut
You could eat brown rice and stir fry for breakfast if you like

Switch the following during lunch and dinner
Stir fry
Just make sure you add brown rice and beans for protein

Eat snacks during the day...veg. Nuts....seeds

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