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Nettles Soup

If you are lucky enough to purchase or harvest fresh nettles, De La Terre Skincare's favorite recipe is nettles soup.
Soft boil 3-4 medium potatoes in lightly salted water. Make sure water just covers potatoes. In a skillet using coconut oil or butter sauté garlic...onions optional, fresh mushrooms. Once lightly browned add fresh nettles, about 1/2 lb. Nettles is like sautéing spinach. Just be careful not to touch it while adding it to the skillet. They don't call it stinging nettles for nothing. In a stock pot add cooked potatoes along with potato water, sautéed nettels, fresh herbs, such as bay leaf and thyme and salt and pepper. A little cayenne pepper won't hurt anyone's feelings. Mix together! Let cool! Then purée using an immersion blender or blender. Adding a little lemon juice will give it a real zing. You will feel your body start to come alive with all the goodness of this amazing spring/summer herb. Enjoy!

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