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Case Study for Keratosis pilaris.

Case Study: a “solution” for a case study dealing with Keratosis pilaris.

A 24-year-old female is scheduled for a consultation and body therapy treatment. During her consultation, you find out that she made her appointment today because she is concerned about some red, pustule bumps located on the outer section of her upper arm. In addition, she also expresses her concerns with some small bumps that are starting to form on her upper thighs. After reviewing her client intake form and asking a couple of additional questions, you find out she just recently gave birth, does not have any known allergies, takes daily vitamins, and is not on any prescription medication. When asked about her skin care routine, she acknowledges using a loofah daily and an exfoliating body scrub maybe once a week.

Keratosis Pilaris is indication that there is internal weaknesses’ causing heat to rise and become trapped under the skins surface. As this heat festers, it irritates and damages your skin cells and pores. The best way to support the skin is through applying topical nutrition to strengthen the skins weakened state. In addition, skin therapies should calm the inflammation and disperse damaged tissue for filtration. This can be achieved through topical hydrotherapy compressions utilizing Comforts Inflamed/Herb Rich Tea. The action of compressing the skin and the herbal compounds will create internal motion allowing for filtration. The application of Herb Rich Balm will soothe the skin allowing for proper re-epithelization of the skin.

The client should avoid any mechanical and chemical exfoliants, for this will only generate more heat. Avoid language such as, “treating the condition”. The client must get to the root of the problem. Even though they think they are living a healthy lifestyle, the skin is communication a different story. Cream rises to the top, and in this instance, what’s below is certainly indicating an imbalance.

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